Gestures guys do & what they mean?

I was wondering what gestures guys do and what they mean. Reason being is the guy I've been with for 3years does small gestures that I like and I find cute but wonder what's the meaning ( I kno it sound weird). For instance we argue like any other people but when we're good... we're good. I lost my virginity to him so of course I'm attached and obsessed with him and only crave him.

Aftef r we have sex, he'll do things like ask am I ok. He shakes his head while he's cumming and I feel good because I look like he's enjoying it. Then he'll do things like spoon me and cross his arms around me and squeeze me tight. Recently after we had sex I started watching tv and he comes over and sits on the couch put his legs on mind and started rubbing on my back then put his hand in my panties and leave it there, then I found myself massaging his hands. How can you tell he loves me or is in love with me. He tell me he does but he's not really verbally affectionate if that makes since
Gestures guys do & what they mean?
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