So is it wrong to get turned on seeing a guy fight?

i had posted this a few days ago but it auto closed really quickly.

... So on Saturday I was at the swimming pool and a guy in my class from my college was there. He competes at bodybuilding and so say he's muscular is an understatement. He's just turned 18 as well
As I left the pool I saw him again in the corridor leading to the changing rooms. He was still just wearing just speedos and barefoot. He was telling some idiots to stop kicking a drinks vending machine. Suddenly one just punched him really hard into his stomach and I heard such a massive thud, but he just stood there like nothing happened. Next he had 3 thugs punching and kicking him.
They were really laying into him. It was obvious that he was getting hurt but seeing all that muscle on display, bulging and rippling was really turning me on seeing how much he could take. Most guys would be down quickly but it was like the punches and kicks to his muscular body were not having much effect on him. Never seen a guy take so much to his stomach like he did.
Guess it's wrong but it just exited me a lot seeing it.

So is it wrong to get turned on seeing a guy fight?
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