Should I tell my husband what happened at the swingers club we go to?

Just to clarify I'm not asking what people's opinion is of my husbands and my lifestyle. We are swingers and that's what we enjoy. Last night we were supposed to go to a swingers meeting that we are a part of but my husband had to work late so I ended up going by myself and he knows that.

There is 10 people in our little swingers Club that we have, or I guess you could say five couples, so I was kind of a 9th wheel last night. At our little party they have what's called the glory wall. It's basically the same thing as a Gloryhole but it's just a long wall in our friends garage with a bunch of holes in it. All of the girls line up on one side and the guys line up on the other and if you know how a Gloryhole works it's the same idea. The guys don't know which girl is sucking them and the girls don't know who they are sucking, kind of anyway, you can sometimes tell because all the guys are different shapes and sizes and we know whose dick is whose.

I was Sharing a hole with a really good girlfriend of mine, we just kept taking turns. My husbands only stipulation with the whole swingers thing is he doesn't want guys to finish inside me without a condom on. Well while me and my girlfriend were taking turns we both knew that it was her husband's dick that we were sucking on At one point. The guys are supposed to tell you when they are about to finish although they never do, while I was sucking on her husband he started cumming inside my mouth. I tried to play it off like I enjoyed it and went ahead and finished him up but I knew my husband wasn't going to be happy about it.

I don't think he would get super pissed off or anything but I'm wondering if I should tell him that this happened or do I not say anything and just let it go? There has to be a great trust in this lifestyle and I want to be honest with him but I hate when he is upset with me. What should I do?
Should I tell my husband what happened at the swingers club we go to?
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