I have a trap fetish.. what do I do?

This is has been going on for quite some time, I've been feeling this weird urge and I've been having certain fantasies about a very sweet looking feminine like boy dressed as a girl and we are very intimate with each other, shy and caring...
I'd wake from the dreams blushing and erect.. i love girls, its what i get off to and i can't even masturbate to gay porn, it doesn't do it for me. But for this one odd reason i desire a trap so much.. it is a delicate fetish, the boy would actually have to look close to a girl and have a feminine build,
I met a boy that is everything i fantisized about and we kinda hit it off talkin but now.. he won't talk to me at all and im just sitting here confused. Please help explain what is wrong with me?
I have a trap fetish.. what do I do?
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