Girls, how can I satisfy you?

I would like to know your sexual preference. Tell me, think of it like you were with a boy and and wanted to have sex and then what would your sexual preference like:- I mean, what would you like your boyfriend/man do to you so you can feel like you are in heaven? Just need your point of view , no boy's point of view. Actually I heard lots of men can't satisfy thier gf/woman/lady , because they only think from thier side to satisfy themselves. They forget to satisfy thier sweet lady. They even don't give head to their lady. Only Genuine answer. And Describe if any options is not here. Thanks :)
Anal Sex in Doggy Style
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Vaginal Sex in Doggy Style
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Pussy Licking Only
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Pussy Licking as well as touching boobs & making you squirt and Cum!
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Pussy Licking and Foreplay
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Only Foreplay will do!
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Girls, how can I satisfy you?
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