Should men have reproductive rights of their own?

So I know this has been a recent topic in america. Financial abortion, or the right for men to refuse any financial and parental responsibility should he not want to be a father in a case of accidental pregnancy.

I know this is a slippery slope, and I certainly understand how this could be taken advantage of, but I think that men should also have reproductive rights of their own. It is not just the mothers decision, this is something that completely changes the lives of both individuals and it is ridiculous that the woman should be the only decision maker in such cases.

I understand that accidents happen, but if the man has stated, or more officially, signed a document before the child is conceived. Then he should have the option to opt out of the child and mothers life. Just as the woman has the chance to do the same.

I know the main argument is that the man assumed the risk when he had sex with the women... well so did the woman. Did she not also assume the risk of having a fatherless baby when she slept with a man she know did not want kids? She should have kept her pants on. Just like he should have kept it in his pants if he knew this woman wanted children and he didn't.

I realize this opens the door for men to "game" the system, but that door has been open for women for years. I have seen so many stories of women lying about taking the pill, or actually stealing a man's sperm, it's crazy! It is especially prevalent in cases where the man is very wealthy. There is virtually no consequences for these actions, and almost impossible to prove. Now the man who never wanted to be a father is forced into a parental role, or at the very least paying for this child for the next 18 years of his life. He could even be raising someone elses child if she has cheated on him.

What does everyone think here? I am sure I already know the answers, but this should be interesting... haha :)
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So this is what happens when someone doesn't agree with your opinions. They can post all the shit they want on my question. They rant and rave, then block you before you can prove them wrong again...

Thank you to all the REAL women out there who actually stand behind EQUAL rights, and don't just whine about the problems of their own gender. If you want men to listen to you, then maybe you should start listening to men, cause I'm not the only one that thinks this is bullshit.
Should men have reproductive rights of their own?
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