What makes you think someone is a virgin?

Through personal experience, I have come to the conclusion that many guys are uninterested in me because I come off as a virgin or too "innocent". No I'm not just saying this. I have picked up on it by the way others speak with/treat me.

I am not really experienced as I've only been with two guys and I know some people think that's still virgin territory but it's not even just that. My friends/acquaintances are shocked and think I'm lying when I say I'm not a virgin.

I'm not one of those people that puts virginity or celibacy on a pedestal. I could care less. It's just sex but I think people believe that I do have one of those "purity" mindsets. That is something that I care about. I'm not cool with people slut-shaming and people seem to think it's an ok convo to have with me because of that virgin image they have in their head.

I can't really help how people perceive me and have no intention to attempt to control these perceptions. I'm just curious as to how they are formed, as when I ask people they can't give me a good explanation. It's always "you just seem like such a good girl." Wtf do they mean? I don't even think they know because when I ask they say "you just do." Anyone have answers for me?
What makes you think someone is a virgin?
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