Is a fuckboy worth waiting for?

I was kinda talking to this fuckboy for couple weeks and he knew he like every other girl he talks to I won't hook up with him and I didn't. I never even gave him a blowjob no matter how hard he tried cause I just wanted him to work for it you know? Anyway we hung out last week and he made me feel like all he wanted to do was hookup or get his dick sucked which I didn't do. When I was leaving he told me that next time we can go out and get food or something and I said you're an asshole and walked away. He didn't text me yet but he Instagram stalked me. I'm tempted to just text him and start over because for some weird reason when I talk to him I feel like he's not the way everyone thinks he is. I think he's different. He's just never been in a relationship so he doesn't know what it's like to have that one person. But I wanna be that one person. What do you guys think I should do?
Is a fuckboy worth waiting for?
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