Why do I act so easy with guys?

this is a real concern with me thats been bothering me for quite some time now... i recently just lost my virginity to a random guy that i literally just met & we had sex the same week we met & i feel so ashamed & slutty because i just gave my body away so easily to a guy i dont no nothing about. even before i lost my virginity i felt like i came off as easy to guys because i would hump on the first day i hang out with them, let them finger me, suck on my breasts etc. I don't know whats going on with me but when i was a virgin i still felt like i was a slut & had hoeish tendencies which made guys think im already sexually active. Whats wrong with me, why do i act so easy with guys? am i going through something perhaps? pls help!
Why do I act so easy with guys?
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