I'm 17 going on 18 and I'm still a virgin?

I currently live in a town of 22,000 people in a small 6th form college in North West England. I am frequently told by my friends of the advances I get from some girls mainly due to my height, looks and athletic build, but the fact remains that there are a small number of girls in my 6th form, and many are either in a relationship or are largely inexperienced /focused on study. Many of the girls I crushed on also have left for bigger colleges.

Now it's not just my virginity that i'm concerned about, it's the fact that everyone knows each other and it's really difficult to get a girlfriend or to get to know any girls who haven't already got some kind of impression of me from earlier years that rules me out of their interest. (The rift of popular/unpopular still exists and I belong just on the fringes of the latter.)

The one girl I am crushing on I message most nights and have everything in common with. The only problem is that my aches knowing that she will be leaving after this year. I feel that I am left with nothing and that I will be a virgin at 20. I feel as if there are no girls left to like or any that will actually like me.
I'm 17 going on 18 and I'm still a virgin?
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