Both sides of the Question... Does Size Really Matter?

We see on here guys asking ALL THE TIME if "does size matter" to a girl when it comes to penises and sex? They are asking if the size, shape, length, and girth (size measured around) of their penis is average, below average, or above average?

Many women say "it's the motion of the ocean, not the size of boat." Most girls I know that say THIS have never had sex, or only once or twice, with a guy with a large penis. True, a lot of guys with big penises often rush us to have sex, causing discomfort coz we are not lubricated AND aroused enough to enjoy it. Every guy I have been with that does plenty of foreplay, I have no problem taking his large penis, AND IN FACT, it is really enjoyable (insert Mindblowing O's!).

Several of my gfs, their bfs, and some random peeps at the mall asked the guys if the "Size Of A Girl's Breasts Matters"? The obvious answer was YES! Most guys like big, round, full breasts! Some said smaller breasts are nice, but when a girl with big DD boobs walked by in a very tight cutoff tshirt and cutoff jeans. showing her midriff, AND it was obvious NO BRA, every one of the guys looked AND stared! (This was one of my gfs).

She joined us and NOT ONE OF THE GUYS could stop staring at her boobs. She was Asian with a small waist and shapely rear and long legs.

SO, my question is if guys can say Boob Size does MATTER and makes a big difference to them in a relationship AND in sex, why can't girls say penis size matters! Coz every one of the girls I know will stare at and talk about a guy at the beach in a speedo that has an obvious big cock bulging the speedos out! I know coz I am one of them!

Before you blast me about this, especially girls, ask yourself honestly, has your man wished you had bigger boobs or made comments about girls with big boobs? And if you have not had sex multiple times (to get used to it) with a guy with a large penis, how can you honestly say SIZE DOESN'T MATTER?
Both sides of the Question... Does Size Really Matter?
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