Girls, do you let a guy kiss you after he eats you out?

So the woman I am with won't suck my cock if I have already been inside her.
she also won't let me kiss her after I have eaten her pussy until I go wash up and brush my teeth. She is the only woman I have ever been with that has been like this. It kinds drives me crazy since after eating her out and giving her an orgasm I will usually then finish myself off inside her. So during that process of pumping I want to kiss her but forgetaboutit. It kinds kills things if I have to stop, go wash up, then come back to get it going again...
just wondered if there is anyone else out there at all that has this issue?
I mean I will kiss her after she sucks my cock. as long as there is no cum in her mouth or on her lips.
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I mean your not dirty inside. soooo?
and it is just wet.. it isn't like you women have semen coming out of you.
I will kiss her since my cock is just skin (even though a penis is pretty gross looking). now if she had semen on her lips or in her mouth, then no thank you. but unfortunately she won't let me cum in her mouth... grrrr...
Girls, do you let a guy kiss you after he eats you out?
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