Differences between men and women?

Some people get amazingly offended when you talk about how men and women are different. Its seems as though they assume that when you mention how they are different, that they think you are saying one thing is normal, and the other is lesser. And they always assume that the male thing is the "normal" thing and the female thing is the "lesser" thing. Despite the fact that ever gendered species on the planet has gender diamorphism, they seem to react to anything that points out inherent differences between men and women as if you are trying to elevate one gender to a status as a superior, and one to an inferior level.

If men and women were not different, we would not have genders. People need to be less worried about talking about obvious, potential, and suspected differences. A person should be able to ask "Is X different for men as it is for women?" without being attacked as a sexist.

With that wordy preface, my question is this: is there something, physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, etc, that you think is different for men and women, that you feel might be an intrinsic part of their gender, and NOT a social or cultural adaptation? And have you ever been afraid to suggest that this difference might exist, because you feared that, by mentioning it, people would slander and attack you for being a sexist?
I think there are differences
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I think there are no differences
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I think there are differences, but that we should absolutely ignore them to avoid offending anyone
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I think there are differences and they are proof that one gender is absolutely better than the other!
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I don't care. I am just desperate to find a chance to attack someone for being a bigot of any kind, sure in the knowledge that I can appear a more virtuous person by pointing out how others are bad people, whether they are or not!
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Quite odd to see only men answered anything other than vote A
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Differences between men and women?
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