Strip Clubs: What female experince is equal to the male experience of going to one?

Going to a strip club is a pretty sensual experience for guys... it's a serious thing some people would consider cheating, and it makes sense. You're allowing yourself to become sexually aroused by another person, and indulging in those fantasies... lap dances are real and personal, there is a sexual connection there that can't be denied.

So if you're in a relationship, to make it fair if the man went to a strip club, what would be the equivalent sensual experience for women?

And no, it would NOT be going to a male strip club. Women are different from men... the only reason to attend strip clubs for us is for fun and because of the sheer humor and absurdity of it. Women "get into it" by playing along, but we're not fantisizing about actually having sex with these men. You don't see a lone woman at the male strip club seriously gazing longingly and fantisizing, zoning out when they get rubbed up on. Usually the women who get a dance are laughing. For me male strip clubs are not appealing at all, so it wouldn't "make it fair" if I didn't enjoy the reward (or in the case of other women, didn't enjoy it sexually the same way as men and therefore not cheating territory).

So what sensual experience involving another person that actually aroused the woman (but not be considered cheating, like strip clubs by some) could make things even? Maybe giving someone a lapdance, or dancing with someone at the club grinding/hands all over you style? Or maybe a makeout session with someone else? Please tell me what you think, creative solutions are espescially welcome.
Strip Clubs: What female experince is equal to the male experience of going to one?
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