Boyfriend looking at escorts online and mail in order brides?

After the hundredth time promising I wouldn't look through his history last night I found him looking at an escort services in a specific place outside in California where he had just recently went to due to a family emergency. Well I'm the type of girl that is willing to do anything and everything to keep my man entertained and things interesting but when I found that he had been looking at escort services in Phoenix Arizona having a hard time of him getting hard with me worried me which led me to go and look through his history now I know this isn't the right thing to do but when my boyfriend normally gets excited when I dress up for him and starts acting differently than what he normally does and can't get hard I looked at his history to see what has been going on why he wouldn't couldn't almost forced himself to have sex with me even though he kept telling me how beautiful I looked I am at my breaking point because this isn't the first time he does something like this about a month ago I caught him looking up Asian mail order Brides when I asked him about it he got very upset with me and told me I had no right to go through his stuff or to judge him on what gets him off now I understand porn is porn but why look at mail in order brides and escorts I rather my boyfriend look at porn then look for services. I am reaching a Breaking Point where I no longer want to continue feeling this way I love him but I am so afraid to ask why he does this if he's not sexually attracted to me then why be with me?
Boyfriend looking at escorts online and mail in order brides?
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