Is it bad to have a racial preference?

OK, so I only have this racial preference due to once ago I had a crush on a white guy (IM BLACK BTW) so I thought I had some white boy fetish just from that one guy. Anyway, that's changed now I'm at the end of freshmen year and I don't have any interest in white guys. I kinda do, but it feels wrong. For instance, NO white guys even like black girls, most think we're ghetto, hoes with every STD you can think of, or we're all dirty and don't take care of ourselves or have morals, or blame all our problems on the white race. I do none of these! So it's just really frustating for people to look at you and think of all those stereotypes. Plus it feels also many white guys are just such assholes towards some people like jeez. Or if they do like black girls they have non-black features ☚ī¸ Which is sad, I mean I'm black but I somehow don't posses the typical black women feautures, big lips, broad nose, curvy thick body, I'm the opoosite 😂 But I find myself not attracted to white guys because of those reasons, so I was wondering does that make me prejudice, or am I just generalizing all white guys saying they're bad. I probably shouldn't care about the race of a person that I want to date and I don't! There's beauty in every race!! But I don't know why but I just see A LOT of hot white guys, and I see more wmbw couples and a lot of interracial couples in general and they're really cute. But yea. 😂
Is it bad to have a racial preference?
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