What other names can he call me in the bedroom?

My boyfriend and I have been getting a lot more dirty in the bedroom and he has started to call me nasty and degrading names when we are having intercourse and that. I love it as I love being dominated and controlled and i just love it when he calls me the names he does. The names he uses are Sl*t, B*tch, Wh*re, S*x Slave. These names are used with other words like dirty, filthy, etc. It is the best our sex lives have ever been and im enjoying it and so is he. I was just wondering if there was any other things he could call me? Although I am very satisfied with what he calls me now, I can't get enough and just want much more names he can call me. Although people will look down on me for being too young to do stuff like this, I am confident with what i like in the bedroom and stuff like this has always been an interest to me.
Thank you.
I have starred the "words" out as i'm not sure if words like that would get my question deleted. Not because im too immature to say them. Just putting that out there.
Thank you! Please answer seriously.
What other names can he call me in the bedroom?
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