Am I guilty for his erections?

I am chaste and mybfhas slept with many girls before me. Now he is celibate. He told me that after meeting me he lost his interest in having sex with other girls. every time we hug and kiss he gets really hard. I know arousal is harder for guys and they need to relax but I am against handjobs, blowjobs and other types of sex BEFORE marriage. After marriage I will try anal too. Actually I am very kinky but I am moral at the same time. Premarital sex is against my moral codes.
Yes you are guilty for making him hard and not help him out
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Yes you are guilty thathe gets blue balls. You should go against your morals and help the guy
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No you are not guilty but u should stop making out
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No you are not guilty but you should let him masturbate
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Am I guilty for his erections?
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