Be honest, which private part looks better?

Girls have vagainas and guys have penises. Both look kind of gross but kind of sexy despite being gross. I can tell you for sure that I'm about 95% straight (boobs are kind of nice). I prefer men over women any day. But who has the better looking part, whether you are gay or straight?

Personally, I think vaginas are really nasty looking. Theyre are too many folds and pink spots 😨and then when you add in a woman's wetness - terrible.
But when we shave, it can take us from terrible to bearable. Still, I don't know what men see in vaginas and even if you are straight you have got to admit, penises look better.

Actually, penises look... pretty damn good. The veins, the balls (you can probably tell that I have a fascination with round things), and even the hair is all nice me. The only thing I don't like is how some of them get all pink, that looks gross (as you can tell, I don't like pink stuff). I also find soft penises to look pretty bad, and short stubby ones are a BIG turnoff. So what do you guys think of your own privates and of the opposite sexes.
Be honest, which private part looks better?
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