Should I send him this message?

"Hey! I know when I came down to see you Tuesday I messed up any chance I ever had with you. I thought you were just like every other guy that I've talked to and wanted to hook up. I don't know why I kept trying to hook up with you the way I did. The alcohol didn't help much. What I found out is you're not like every guy. You aren't cocky, you are sweet, very intelligent, kind heart, and an all around wonderful guy. You are the most good looking guy I've ever met. I know you say not to worry about it but I can't forget that night or the parts I remember anyways. I don't act trashy like that ever and I'm sorry I did with you. I like you and wish I could have showed you the real me and not whatever that was that I showed Tuesday night."
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Should I send him this message?
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