Is she cheating on me?

Hello, I just joined this website, I found it google people with the same problem of mine. I'm 24 and I'm in my very first relationship since 12 months with a girls a couple of years younger than me but much more experienced. We still have not done it, and this while waiting for her is not a problem for me, the fact that she looks so very disinterested in doing it makes me feel like she's seeing someone else. Everytime I'm trying to make "the first move" she smiles and says she's not ready yet and that she does not want our relationship become a sex-based one as her previous ones. And honestly, while I can clearly see she enjoys my company while going to the cinema, or hiking or whatever else, she never looks aroused by my presence. I'm generally the total opposite of a jealous guy, and I don't mind her hugging her or my friends, but the fact that she is totally not physically interested makes me wonder...
Is she cheating on me?
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