I got a new teacher (male) and he's has been filling in for my teacher on maternity leave.
he's quite young, not experienced teacher (he teaches sports but this is a humanities class). Appearance wise, he's okay looking and his best feature is that he has a really tall, athletic body. All the girl students find him attractive and flirt with him, but he never does it back. In fact he looks pissed off when they do.
He is nicest to me in the class. Says I am the smartest etc. (That's uncomfortable because it makes everyone feel awkward because he is always praising me).

During class he comes over to me to review my essays and give advice. He pulls up a chair beside me and leans on my table, gets too close, rubs his leg on mine, touches my hand etc. He doesn't review anyone else's essays? While everyone's writing he circles the class and always has his eyes on me (even when he's talking to other students). When he walks passed me he touches me, squeezes my arm, pats me on the back or shoulder and winks at me. Again only to me.

He always suggests I come see him after school for extra work or stuff to read, but I don't want to, for obvious reasons. (Creepy). Then one day I had to go because I needed to finish some work. So I arrived at his class (brought a friend for safety) and knocked on the door and tried to enter but it was locked. (Note my friend was not in view from the doors window). He came up to the door in boxer briefs and smiling I freaked out and backed up while he unlocked the door, I pulled my friend closer to me. He opened it, saw my friend, let us in and just put on some gym clothes and left. This is definitely not something a teacher should be doing.

Next class he acted normal, still touchy etc and just staring at me 24/7. My friends (in the class) think he's attracted to me esp. Because I have a womanly, developed, tall figure. WHAT IS GOING ON, HELP. And what should I do because he's a good teacher but makes me uncomfortable.
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