Help me figure out where I stand on LGBT?

My thoughts on the subject conflict. I have a Transgender friend once a male now a female. I have plenty of bi, gay, and lesbian friends. I'm not uncomfortable around any of them. Seeing them with their significant other doesn't piss me off, upset, or disgust me in anyway. I want them happy. Everyone deserves to be happy.
Now here is where I might piss someone off and sound messed up.
I think I'm worried about how accepting its becoming. I feel like one day everyone is going to become bisexual. That no one will define themselves as male or female. Most women I know are bisexual or at least curious. Most men I know seem and say they're straight and have shown no signs of liking men. But It got me thinking, what if it's just because it's more excepting for women to be lesbian/bi? Is that the only reason there aren't more guys that are gay/bi? I would accept my daughter for whatever she wants when she's grown but I don't want society to "brainwash" her. I've been told by a friend that some schools are starting to refer to their students as penguins (or something) instead of boys and girls. I'm not okay with that. We are born with a vagina or penis for a reason.
I like men as men. The straight men I'm attracted to don't wear makeup or lingerie. They're "manly". I appreciate the difference in males and females. Another reason why it bothers me (even though it doesn't affect me personally) is because I don't think it's natural. Not because of religion. (I don't believe anyone in the LGBT community is damned.)
Men and women can produce offspring, 2 men or 2 women can not. So I guess I'm more accepting if you're born that way not if its a choice? Someone help me figure out my issue I feel so conflicted. I hate that my thoughts even bug me this much but lately it's in my face more. More people are coming out and it's making me wonder who I know is lying about there sexual status.
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I may have pissed you off with my choice of words and I'm sorry if I did. I would like to know where I stand for sure because when I have conversations about this I get so flustered and tongue tied over it. I'm open and accepting but then again I'm not? How the Hell does that make any sense?
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The poll is for your sexual status not mine if you're confused.
Help me figure out where I stand on LGBT?
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