Girlfriend was tighter day after she cheated on me - was he a LOT bigger than me?

So I'm only going to go into the most basic details, there's a lot more to the situation than this, and I'm not here for advice on what to do - just on what to believe.

She cheated on me while drunk/on molly, said he was a little wider than me at the base (when she showed me it seemd he was almost 150% my width but then numbers kinda changed) maybe less than a pencil width on each side - but it seems she also overexaggerated, and I have a few specific reasons for this, evidence not speculation.

But in the end - she basically said he wasn't much thicker than me.

Im 6.78 long x 5 around, nothing fantastic, but I only make her tight for the next day/few if I fuck he really hard multiple times over the course of a few days/one day.

She claims they fucked fo 30-1hr including foreplay, and neither of them came. They stopped cuz he popped out and accidentally stuck a little in he pooper

It look her a while to finially be persuaded into telling these "correct" answers.

I believe her right now - at least she now sounds like she's completely honest, but she was always honest at least a bit

Except she came back to my place after cheating, and passed out drunk. Next day we fucked - and she was like REALLY tight... Almost like a virgin

The next day she told me she cheated - so I didn't see how tight she felt the next few days - but I just wanted to know

Is it plausable that he's only a little thicker than me at the base and ends up being my thickness near the head?

Is it plausable neither of them came? (they continued fucking after I called and she silenced the phone, but responded in 10 mins)

Again - I'm not seeking judgement on me or her - and I don't need to know what to do. Right now I'm just making sure she can be honest.

Thanks for any perspectives
Girlfriend was tighter day after she cheated on me - was he a LOT bigger than me?
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