My boyfriend angry because he couldn't get inside me.. Is this normal for u guys?

My boyfriend angry me because he couldn’t get inside me.

I’m 20 and he is 30
I’m a virgin , so we finally wanna make love but at the first time when he almost get inside me, and it was really hurt for me then I naturally push him out ( a little) then he just stop and lost his mood and angry like don’t wanna talk me. after that I cried and he said don’t cry.. then later we become good again.

So for the second time, I tried to make it better, more relax.
My pusssy is very tight..
So when he finally get inside me, then again it so hurt, but I didn’t say it just try to tolerance but I said ‘Oh please don’t move yet’ and I hold his arm.
And he became angry again, and stop making it. I feel so sad but I told him don’t be angry and we can try again..
at last I blowjob for him and he organism, then his mood is become better.. and we wash our body together, I was quite at that time and he hugged me and become normal mood.
then we cuddled for a while..
Beside these situation he is nice.. but actually I don’t know if our relationship will be good in the future because when we made love I could feel he didn’t care that much if i hurt.
I don’t know about other first time, but I used to imagine If a guy love me.. he shouldn’t be angry at my virginity..

Do you think I deserve this guy? many people around me said he is not for me, since be broke up few times, not only about sex problems but also another factors.

Even more, his penis could’t be erect that easy..
So when his penis become soft, he also not in a good mood..
PS sorry for my English, I’m Thai and he’s Chinese..
+1 y
We actually broke up about another factors for the last time, and lastnight we come back to get together and the situation above happen.. Should I still be with him?
+1 y
I'm now want to break up.. :(
What should I do to have a good break up?
I know it's too fast but, I can't see our future..
He always angry at me when I couldn't satify him.
Any good suggestion please?
My boyfriend angry because he couldn't get inside me.. Is this normal for u guys?
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