Feminists, why does it bother you so much when?

we men admit/proof to you that we have it equally as hard as women do in today's society?

a few of the answers I got on this question has inpired me to ask this...


yes I was the one who asked that question, I even tried to get out of anonymous but unfortunately G@G took out this featured. anyways not gonna point any fingers but if you scroll up or down you will see that one of the male answerers in that question pointed this out against feminism. I couldnt agree with him any more, judging from my past experiences both on this site and in many other sites along in real life it always seemed that feminists get extremely bothered when we men admit that life isn't easy to us either.

every time me or a male members has pointed this out in the past to any feminists you always react in a very similar matter to that of Donald Trump's supporters every time they spot a muslim, a minority, or anybody they dislike at his rallies. you always tried to counter or evade our claims by using a truckload of mythology bullshit such as...

- using false statistics on rape

- insinuating that all men are potential rapists/aggressors

- insinuating that every time women report they were raped authorities never believe them

- and many other mysandristic mythological bullshit that you can think of

- claiming that men who admit they have it hard in life are being "overemotional"

again I'm not gonna point out any fingers but if you scroll to the female answeres on that question you will see that there was a female answerer who was a prime example of this. besides getting all rude this user even ended up blocking me in order to get the last word. but oh well believe me when I say she wasn't the only one who's done this to me or any other male who has disagreed with feminism in the past...
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I can literally go back through my history and point out many other feminists users here who have done the same exact thing. but oh well I just want to know, why? why does it bother you so much when we men admit that life isn't easy on us men either?

isn't this what you always wanted? "gender equality?" it seems like you already got what you wanted, so what's the problem now?
Feminists, why does it bother you so much when?
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