Is it possible that hymen can be torn more than once?

Hi, I am 21 years old girl and I just had my first intercourse couple days ago. I have been sexually active with my boyfriend for awhile, but both of us just didn't want to go full way because we wanted to save for a special occassion, so we always ended up doing oral sex and him fingering me. Also, we tried to penetrate couple times, but just couldn't do cause he wasn't able to put his thing inside me cause I was really tight? even one finger hurt me back then, so we just did a lot of foreplay and decided to maybe try once two fingers feel comfortable. I bleed one time a little last month after he fingered me with two fingers ( not right away cause there was no blood on his fingers, but later I noticed there was little blood spot on my underwear. It hurt a bit when he fingered me, but felt amazing afterwards even after I found there was a blood). A week ago, I noticed a little bit of small blood drop on my underwear after he fingered me, but it didn't feel hurt. We finally tried penetration couple days ago after enough foreplay and we finally succeed! It felt a bit hurt and my thighs are sore, but I feel completely okay otherwise and have zero problems. However, I noticed a long streak line of blood on my underwear when I got home and am wondering if it is possible to take couple times for hymens completely to tear? maybe he stretched out couple times and now it is completely gone after he penetrated me? Or is it maybe he just scratched inside of my vagina with his fingers without damaging my hymen, but he finally tore it completely through penetration? Also, both of us didn't see any bleeding when we were actually having a sex. I always noticed later by seeing blood drops on my panties.
Is it possible that hymen can be torn more than once?
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