Why do I like telling guys I'm a virgin?

I am a 19 year old female , my sister is 30 ( using her gag) anyways - I talked to her about this and she said it may be a sexual fetish. Well if I was to date a guy or be in a relationship with him I would be completely honest about my sexual past. BUT - if I am just friends with benefits with a guy , ( more than likely a guy I'm just having phone sex with and never gonna actually have sex with ) I like to tell them I am a virgin. It gets me off so much thinking how turned on they on of the thought of having sex with me first and stretching my vagina out. It also makes me feel " innocent " and " submissive " . Again I would always be honest with my boyfriend or future husband , but why does this turn me on so much? Pretending to be a virgin? I love how it makes me seem so inexperienced
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I'm not actually a virgin
Why do I like telling guys I'm a virgin?
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