Did my girlfriend cheat on me?

This happened a few months ago and I brushed it off and I really don't know why I did, but I just started thinking about it and it's started to concern me. Before I add anything more I want to say that my girlfriend is a very social person and has her gf's over all the time and this is the only instance that has ever made me question her loyalty, there have been 0 signs other than this and she is completely crazy in love with me. She's also not the jealous type at all and 100% trusts me.

I was over her house and in her room when I noticed two things that caught my eye.
1. an iphone charger (she has an android, but both of her flatmates have iphones)
2. an opened condom wrapper on a table at the end of her bed.

I hadn't been over her house for almost a month at this point (we live 1.5 hours away). We also had stopped using condoms for around the same amount of time. I didn't flat out confront her about it, I just made a remark for both things (not at the same time, but spread out because I didn't want her to think I was falsy accusing her of anything; I asked about the charger first). She said the condom was ours and jokingly said yea I cheated on you and even jokingly made fun of me for even thinking anything like that (she really didn't seem nervous at all, it didn't phase her even a little bit, that's one of the reasons I let it go because it didn't catch her off guard, also we have placed condom wrapers on that table before and it was the same brand that we use, but she's also a fairly clean and tidy person so leaving it there for a month seems out of character). When I asked her about the charger she stopped to think and just said that's umm and never said who's.

I don't even know if I should bring this up to her since she's moving in 4 months and we're breaking up anyway and I don't even know if I want to know at this point. Also, girls, please be 100% honest. If your boyfriend brought this up to you how mad would you get?
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I can't wait a week, I'm going to Skype her right now.
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I just video talked talked with her and she definitely did not cheat. She didn't seem too upset about it then since she was sleeping but right after we started texting and she is extremely hurt that I didn't trust her. She's never been more hurt by me than she is now. What have I done?
Did my girlfriend cheat on me?
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