My Asian girlfriend has a white fetish and is racist?

So I've been dating this girl for a bit more than a month and she has been really fun and sweet and we have gotten along well. I'm not gonna waste time going into worthless details but she basically started talking about how happy she is with me. That part was obviously really sweet and heartwarming. However after that she started talking about how I'm the first white (she sometimes said swedish for the record) guy she's ever dated and how amazing all white men are compared to Asian men. She kept going on and on about how shitty Asian guys were, specifically from her country (she's an immigrant). My jaw was just wide open I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My girlfriend is basically the female version of that sad bitter white guy with yellow fever that goes on and on about how skanky and slutty white girls are and how feminine Asian girls are. I as a normal person obviously think race fetishism is completely disgusting and awkward. Being attracted to the idea of a race just don't make sense to me. Like when girls want a black boyfriend because she's been listening to rap music or a korean/asian boyfriend just because she's watched kdramas or listend to kpop. Or in this case a white boyfriend because? I feel like it might be some internalized racism on her part. I know this is a big thing in america but I just didn't expect it here in sweden where I'm from. I mean sweden don't really have americas or big european countries history of taking over colored peoples land. We used to be shit we didn't have the funds to colonialize asia or africa and brainwash their people into loving us. I don't know what to do because I'm honestly in love with this girl but after this conversation I have no clue what I can change. Can I turn her towards the light and teach her that you can't love or hate a huge group of people just because of your personal interactions?
My Asian girlfriend has a white fetish and is racist?
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