Do You Want Someone to take care of you?

Now im in a realtionship where my girl feels like because im the man everything financial is my responsibility. All outings are on me. I've bought here presents for her birthday and Christmas but she has never gotten me anything. I have a some college education and im working for a degree, have a car, can stmulate a mind with my conversation and im always focused on moving foward in life, her hobbies involve social media and watching tv following stars... she doesn't have a car or really care for school. She said "im giving you my vagina, all of me so im worth it. whatever i want im wrth it, It has much value, and im choosing to give it to you". I think there is value in men and women, you need both to create life no person can do that alone also In my head im thinking thats fine and all but I've been in realtionships where women didn't mind chipping in sometimes, have gotten me gifts and not said because im fucking you i dont have to do any of that. In a way getting no help and telling me i should appreciate getting sex makes me feel unappreciated, and what i have to offer meanss nothing. I dont believe every bill or outing should be on me, especially if i didn't ask to go. more than half doesn't even matter but everytime is crazy to me. What are your thoughts? Were you raised traditionaly where the man worked and te women stayed home? I was raised where both of my parents worked because they didn't want to go with out anything. They wanted to help each other. Do you think that I should pay for everything because of her sex? Am I wrong for thinking i the way i do. What was your upbringing and what do you think about the situation? All answers appreciated.
Do You Want Someone to take care of you?
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