What's your most embarrassing story ever?

Mine is too embarrassing to not go anonymous lol. Soooo im 16 right, I live with my Mum, Dad, Grandmum, Grandad. It was like 2 or 3 am when this happened. Story cut short, I was masturbating to porn on my laptop which I thought wasn't too loud, i couldn't be bothered to get headphones. My Grandmother decided she would come outside of her bedroom because she could see light coming through the window on the top of her door. She must have gone out of her bedroom and saw it was coming from my room. SHE DECIDED TO COME INTO MY ROOM MID MASTURBATION. I FELT LIKE DYING. after 5 seconds she asks what I'm doing RIGHT LIKE ITS NOT OBVIOUS ENOUGH.

What's your most embarrassing story ever?
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