My first time was actually kinda great?

So after everything I have been told about having sex for the first time - 'you probably won't orgasm', 'it will hurt the first few times', 'it won't feel great and it's kinda awkward' - I recently lost my virginity and it was surprisingly sexy and sensual. It did hurt quite a bit to begin with but he was slow and gentle and the pain soon went away. We both went down on each other first and just took our time. It didn't feel uncomfortable or rushed and I did have an orgasm (though it would have been a great experience even if I hadn't). Afterwards we made pancakes together and watched a movie. It was really nice and not at all the horrible, painful 'first time' I had dreaded. I think perhaps that if you wait until you are truly ready and do it with someone you feel comfortable around it can actually be quite nice. Has anybody else had a similar experience? What was your first time like?
My first time was actually kinda great?
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