How can I make him last longer?

i've been talking to this guy, we met at a party and we did a couple things but haven't had sex yet, i forgot what it was all really like because i was drunk, i just remember i made him cum a lot. we continued talking and hung out a few times, and yesterday we were cuddling and i started stroking his dick, just getting him hard so we can do something more, we were just talking about regular things and getting more comfortable, but then like 5 minutes into it, he came!! about 5 minutes! just from stroking. i didn't do anything special, simply went up and down with my hand. that was all. i've only done physical things with 2 other guys before and they both could last around an hour, and then we'd go round 2 because i take forever to orgasm, but he came in 5 minutes just from a hand job. i can't even imagine what would happen if we had sex. 2 minutes? it takes me more like 2 hours. what should i do?
How can I make him last longer?
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