Losing Your Virginity to a Friend/FWB?

Hi guys. I'm in a bit of a situation&am not entirely sure what to do. The basics: I'm a 22yo F & a virgin&to be honest, I've never had a whole lot of interest in sex with anyone in particular.

I've been talking a lot with an old college friend who lives across the country. I'm going to be visiting him soon. There was a mutual attraction while we were in school but neither of us acted on it&stayed friends.

Over the last year, we've been talking almost every day. We've talked about sex, relationships&everything,&the attraction has come back to the surface, ten-fold. We've also been having "fun" video chats on a pretty regular basis. We've been talking about sleeping together when I visit.

It's something that I'm 99% sure I'm ready for. We've talked about all different aspects of it, from the physical to emotional repercussions,&have both said we are ok with essentially being friends with benefits while I'm in town.

The thing is, I think I have pretty strong feelings for him. For me, this is weird because I've never really been in this kind of a position&don't exactly get the urge to touch just anyone's penis. I know because of the distance(3000+ miles), a real relationship is out of the question. I'm also pretty cynical&don't really believe in relationships because I've never really seen a healthy one that works for both parties.

For the most part, I look at sex as sex. I think it can be more but, generally speaking, I think it's just a physical act. That being said, I don't think you should run around having sex with just anyone. I think you should have some sort of a connection with your partner(other than genitals). My friend&I definitely have this connection.

One of my best friends has been warning me that I shouldn't have sex with him. She thinks we should keep it at everything but intercourse, especially because I'm a virgin. She thinks I should wait until I'm in love&have a boyfriend,etc. But, like I said, I don't exactly believe in that kind of stuff. I don't think that I'll end up getting hurting but I'm worried about our friendship changing.

A few days ago, while talking to my friend he brought up that he thought it might not be the best idea to have sex, after all. When I asked him what brought this on, he said that he started thinking about it with his head instead of his d***'t and doesn't want me to get hurt because he's been told it's a lot more of an intense experience for girls than guys. This just kind of further solidified for me, that he would be a good guy to lose my virginity to,&that it would be a good experience with him. This threw me for a loop because before, the roles were reversed with him gung-ho on doing it&me not being entirely sure. At the end of this conversation we decided to just see how it goes.

Now, I'm kind of confused about what to do&am worried too much emotion is involved for us to just have fun& not get hurt. Anyone else been in this kind of situation? How did it end? Any advice would be great!
Losing Your Virginity to a Friend/FWB?
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