Girlfriend almost broke up with me because I didn't pay for every date? What should I do?

Okay so I've been in a relationship for a couple months now with my girlfriend. I assumed like most college kids the 50/50 route and just picking up the tab out of kindness was kind of a standard thing. Nope. I was horribly wrong. I guess I should've seen it coming but my girlfriend comes from a VERY traditional background and mine was more on the middle. She basically was upset with me the past week that I wasn't paying all the time for dates because her ex did and because her mom through a fit when she heard. To make matters worse, when she offered to sport me for a cash transaction so I wouldn't have to go the ATM I accepted it and thanked her, saying I would pay her back an all. Apparently this was a gigantic fuck up because apparently if an inferior vagina creature offers to do something nice for you, you should object her foolish offer and use your superior manhood to take care of things. Yes I just phrased it like that.

Sufice to say her mom hates me now.
And yes, I've already hit the big red button and will pay for things now on. But man I didn't know this was such a big issue. What should I do?
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Oh here we go:
"I'm not upset because you not paying means I don't get free meals, I'm upset because it means you aren't a gentleman. Besides it just being the way things are and the whole "man showing he can provide", it makes sense because not only do women make less money for doing the same jobs as men, but it costs way more to be a girl, especially for dates, between make up and jewelry and stuff guys don't have to worry about."
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What if I don't want to break up with her just yet? Hopefully she can change for the better?
Girlfriend almost broke up with me because I didn't pay for every date? What should I do?
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