How to respectfully compliment women's breasts?

How can I tell a lady that I like her breasts without sounding creepy? (I understand that I can't just walk up to a random stranger and say that I like her bosom.) The reason I'm asking: at university I knew several women whose breasts were among the most attractive that I have ever seen in person, and I would've loved to have paid these individuals a sincere, gentlemanly compliment. I couldn't muster the courage though, because I worried that the girls would (justifiably) misinterpret my remarks as an attempt to get my hands on their chests.

I believe that a woman's breasts can be pretty just like her hair or eyes, but many other people don't think that way, which I understand. As such, I have never felt comfortable expressing such appreciation to females, even to those whom I know fairly well.

What advice would you give?

And, what if the women are very large-breasted? They are the ones to whom I am the most reluctant to say anything, considering how much more gawking / harassment / unwanted attention that they already receive.

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emphasis on *gentlemanly*
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Well, my reservations have been completely solidified now. I guess I need to build a time machine so that I can travel back to the Italian Renaissance when such things were mainstream. :-(
How to respectfully compliment women's breasts?
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