Family sees nudes?

Has anyone ever had a family member see their nudes?
Caught them snooping on your phone or computer, or someone sent them to them, or you sent them to the wrong person in your contacts by mistake?

How did it happen, and how did they (and you) react?
I take nudes, and this has happened to me
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I take nudes, but this never happened to me, thank god!
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I take nudes, and part of me ALMOST wishes this would happen, because I'm curious how they would react!
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I have sent family my nudes intentionally! (what is wrong with you? I want an explanation in comments from anyone who picks this!)
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I have never taken nudes
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+1 y
A small change up tp the question! Reverse things a bit: Have you ever seen a family member's nudes? Have you ever wanted to see their nudes for any reason (curiosity, a laugh, just to see them embarrassed that you saw)?
+1 y
not nearly as many opinions as there are votes. I'm sure there are more stories, good, bad, amusing, embarrassing, etc, to tell.
Family sees nudes?
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