How can girls get head without giving it?

I am SICK of being obligated to orally pleasure a male. Seeing men say: "I don't do that (give women head)", and yet getting head themselves is really insane. How do they do that? Sex is not about calculation and how much should I give if that person gave me that much?

How do men get away with that stuff? Being absolutely selfish and getting everything in return? Here is how: because they know that women themselves have accepted that they are obligated to give oral. There is nothing worse than defending females from sexual exploatation and then THEY are the ones who dissmiss your help. Men and society don't seem to be bothered by this problem. Nobody is judging the selfish males.

Well, guess what? I am sick of being expected to do something I don't want to. I have been giving oral sex to males for year and I always hated it! Luckily, I have realized that I am the master of my life and I can do whatever I want with myself and I don't have to do nothing that I hate. I want to be a selfish female! I know that I will be judged, I know that I will be hated and critisized on this ridiculous site, but you have no idea how great it feels to finally be able to do what I want and be who I am!

One thing is for sure: NOBODY can make me do the thing I don't want to! Maybe I can't motivate guys to give me oral sex, but I sure won't be giving ANY! However, I was being convinced over the years that there are many things I can't do being a girl, and NONE of them were true!
You are a gorgeous girl. If anybody can get away with it, it's you! You don't have to say anything, just let him pleasure you, and don't do it in return. They won't even mind, they'll be happy that they got to pleasure you!
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Tell them you give head, let them go down on you first, then don't return the favor. Even if they leave and never call again, it was a one night stand anyway!
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So I KNOW for sure that there is a way to get oral and not have to give it (just like men do!) ;) There is always a way! I am just asking which one is the easiest! It's important to mention that I do 90% of the time one night stands, which is easier, because if I get oral one night and not give it, it's not like that person is in a toxic relationship where they don't get anything... Also, do you think it would be good to tell that I do give head and that the guy give
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How can girls get head without giving it?
The same way guys get head without giving it!

How can girls get head without giving it?
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