I'm a female with a fart fetish... Do I tell my boyfriend?

Its not that extreme. It can turn me on sometimes, other times I just like it. When you watch this type of fetish porn it's usually like roll played haha, I don't like that. So I don't usually watch it. I don't want him to sit on my face either haha. I feel like if he farted during sex or just anytime in general and wasn't worried about farting around me it'd probably make me happy.

It it is weird. And I've tried to tell him once before but messed it up by referring to it as a scat fetish- which by the way is completely different. That ended up making things bad for a while , lol. He said he was afraid to fart or use the washroom around me because he didn't want to turn me on and I think it might of made him feel a little uncomfortable around me. Things are better now and I try to like give subtle hints that I'm okay with it by saying the smell doesn't bother me and that and encouraging him to fart around me. But he still worries about the smell. I want him to know about the fetish because I'm tired of pretending like I don't like it. I also sometimes get upset when he leaves somewhere else just to fart, it's so weird, I know. I'd just feel a lot happier if I could be myself, and stop feeling like such a weirdo because of it.

I'm not really asking him to do anything haha other than not care about being himself around me. But like I said last time I referred to it he kind of thought I was weird or took it the wrong way thinking I want him to sit on my face. How should I get him to do these things around me? It's been a year and he does fart around me sometimes, but he still will be shy about it sometimes. Oh also, i feel if I blatantly call it a fart fetish he'll expect me to be like the typical fart porn videos (wanting to face sit, saying yum and stuff) that's not me lol. I'd probably wouldn't act on it at all, I just like it, that's all. I don't know how to go about it
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Lol. Serious replies only would be nice. Keep your rude comments to yourself. Farts are funny and I think everyone can relate to that
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I understand it weird
I'm a female with a fart fetish... Do I tell my boyfriend?
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