Why do men get angry so quickly/easily?

This is getting too common / why I deleted dating apps. I know not all guys are like this but why do so many guys act like they are entitled to women and that if we say no or don't give the guy our full attention right away (how dare we have lives to live!) we deserve to be threatened in insulted?
12:30: "Hey gorgeous!, we are in the same area and you look like such a sweetie I'd love to get to know you!"
12:34: "It's Saturday I know you are awake! I like your cat by the way in your second picture, I have a little tabby at home myself!"
12:45: "You should know that I am not usually interested in many girls!" *Then he sent me a picture of his penis*
1:11: "HEY CUNT, I guess you are too brain-dead to recognise an alpha male, you need to know that no filthy little bitch will EVER get away with ignoring me. Imagine your cat getting thrown against the wall so hard that it's head cracks open! I only messaged you so I could fuck you and don't you ever think for a second that you would ever or could ever be worth a single thing to me you disgusting diseased whore! If I ever see you I will beat you so badly that that homely face of yours doesn't have any features left, you will be living hooked up to machines if you are lucky enough that I let you live! YOU FUCKING STUCK UP CUNT, WOMEN NEED TO REALISE THAT YOU ARE NOT WORTH A DAMN THING. I have 12 hunting knives and I will CARVE YOUR DISGUSTING CUNT OUT OF YOUR BODY AND MAKE YOU EAT IT FUCK YOU."

After this I contacted police. This man has lost his job, his cat has been taken away from him, he was fined in court and kicked out of his apartment because his landlord didn't want a potentially violent person renting from her, all because he decided he hates women and can't control his temper/emotions. Why do men do this so often and why would they risk ruining their life over a moment of anger?
Why do men get angry so quickly/easily?
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