Is he lying to me to make me feel better (Read below)?

Okay so me and my boyfriend are in highschool and the other night we were playing 2 truths 1 lie over the phone and he had a lie that was "I've never jerked off" and I said that's easy that's the lie, and he said yeahh but I've only done it once and I was like I'm not dumb I know guys jack off like twice every few days and he said only pervs and I was like so you've only jerked off once he was like well no but I haven't in a while and I was like why and he was like I don't wanna ruin the feeling of having sex so I haven't jerk off in a long time. Is he lying for me? Or do lots of guys do that? And we where talking about nudes the other day and he said he thinks it's dumb when girls send nudes, like if I ever got them before we were us I would just delete them like I barely know you I don't wanna see that. Would a guy actually do that? Like he's a super nice guy he's amazing it's just both of the things I feel like he said to make me feel better, but when he said he hasn't jerked off in a while, I don't know it made me feel insecure like does he not think I'm sexy or something? Just tell me do you think he's lying to make me feel better? Would a teenage guy not jerk off to save the feeling? And would a teenage guy not like looking at girls nudes?
Is he lying to me to make me feel better (Read below)?
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