Why dosent my mom think before she speaks?

My mom says a lot of rude crap to me without thinking that it'll hurt my feelings and when I tell her that she dosent even apologize. Me and her never got on the right side, I was daddies little girl but daddy decided to molest me when I was 12, almost raping me and left my family. she dosent know about that, I don't mention it. But having a parent that you trusted the most leaving and having his girlfriend threating to hurt you and bullying you through the internent. That almost lead me to suicide, which my mom dosent know either. And then my mom says a lot of hurtful stuff to me like "I'm surprised your father left you with me since you were his little girl" and "you look like me but you're stupid like your father". She criticizes everything I do. When I talk to her about my grades or my accomplishments she dosent show any emotion but when it's my little sister talking, it's all ears on her. She dosent even think I'm going to graduate highschool in 2months or go to college. Sometimes I question in my head about why she didn't go through with the abortion when I was in the womb. I get it, I'm the first child of the guy that ruined her life.
Why dosent my mom think before she speaks?
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