Girls, How to finger you?

I tried fingering a girl once, and it didn't seem to do anything for her.
We were making out (she had initiated this), and after a while I unzipped her pants and started massaging her labia. It was somewhat moist, but not what I would call "wet". I then started fingering what I assume was her clitoris.
I didn't get any sign that she was enjoying this. It probably didn't help that at one point I asked "is this ok?" I know that questions like that are a turn off to girls because it shows that I'm uncertain and not entirely confident, but I didn't want to do anything she didn't want me to do.
Eventually I gave up, zipped her pants back up, and we decided it was time to stop.
What did I do wrong? Did I make a mistake with the fingering? Or was she just turned off by my lack of confidence? Or was it because my hands are very cold? It's probably all of the above, but girls, could you give me some advice?
Girls, How to finger you?
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