Why do girls today complain that the majority of men are assholes?

I see on GAG and social media complaining that guy's don't want anything but hookups and most guys today are assholes who are only interested in getting their dick wet.

However, according to Susan Walsh a relationship expert, who use to have casual sex with hot guys, past her prime and never got married explains the phenomenon of what is happening in today's dating world. She calls it douchebag math 101.
Why do girls today complain that the majority of men are assholes ?

Ms. Walsh makes a graphical analysis of young women's choices in men today. She's looking at today's typical college campus environment. According to her statistics, "Douche Bags" are the ONLY guys that girls are choosing! So the common complaint from guys about "girls dating assholes" is not just imagination! Obviously, all girls are not the same! But for many girls, the "dating assholes" part is indeed the same!

The video shown above is where she explains it. Another possible theory of why there are so many assholes is because men adjust their strategy by what is being rewarded. So if assholes are being rewarded with sex and relationship by women then men will adopt being an asshole to get these things.

Last possible theory is that as a society we are becoming less empathetic, kind, and sympathetic due to increase in technology. We are stuck on our phones so much that we lose aspect of being human and caring and become totally self absorbed and caring for ourselves. Leading to asshole tendency rising among guys.

So which one is responsible for women's complain in the almost complete rise in assholes among the male gender:

1) Rise in technology

2) Guys becoming assholes to get sex/love from women

3) Women going for assholes almost completely leading to them perceiving the majority of male gender are all assholes.
Women choosing assholes almost all the time and getting a false perception of the male gender
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Rise in technology causing us to become less kind and self absorbed
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Male gender becoming assholes to get women
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Why do girls today complain that the majority of men are assholes?
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