What can I do while my boyfriend is finishing?

Usually during anything sexual with my boyfriend he can only finish if he does it himself or else he can finish inside me but it takes a while. I can't make him cum from a hand job, blow job, or riding him during sex. I have tried different techniques, asking him what to do, and other methods.

At first this was pretty upsetting since I want to be able to please him. We spoke about it and agreed to keep trying but it wasn't really working so now we're back to him finishing himself.

I guess I'm OK with it as long as he can finish and feel good. Just he usually likes to cum on my stomach area or butt and while he's finishing up over me I'm not really sure what I can do for him. I want to give him pleasure too not just watch him please himself. He's told me I can rub his balls, and obviously I can talk to him but that sort of just seems like "busy" work. Is there anything else I can do for him while he does this?
What can I do while my boyfriend is finishing?
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