My boyfriend will not stop asking for anal?

I have been dating my current boyfriend for a little over a year now. He just recently turned 22, and I just turned 18. I am confident enough to say that we have a pretty good sexlife. He has never made me orgasm, and he knows that no one else ever has, but this doesn't really bother me much as he is very good at what he does.

So anywhore, the past six or seven months he has been asking me for anal at least three times a week. I have never, not ever, had any interest in anything anal, and he knows this. A few months back I did let him do it because I was just sick of his constant begging. It was not pleasant for me at all, and this was the first time I thanked the gods that he usually doesn't last long. Now, almost every single time we do the deed, he will ask for it, or he will try to put a finger up there if the position allows it. I always tell him no, and he should get that by now. I have told him that, because of something that happened seven years ago, I have extremely bad experiences and memories when it comes to anal, and that I never want to do it. He knows that. It seems to me like he doesn't know the meanings of "no" and "I never want to do that sort of thing".

This is causing me to not want to have sex with him anymore, as I know that he will either ask, or try to put his finger up there. I just don't know how to get him to fucking stop asking me about it, when he knows that my answer will always be no.
My boyfriend will not stop asking for anal?
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