He Deleted me off Facebook, is that rejection?

So this guy that I slept with a few months ago deleted me off Facebook. I know it sounds silly but ever since then I have become so hung up on this. I had done nothing wrong either, its not like i post things and i was only talking to him when he messaged me (which was only booty calls, which was fine because thats all i wanted from this guy) . He also turns out to be good family friends with this guy who I used to really like but things didn't really turn out that well between the two of us. So I am wondering if I should send the guy who deleted me a message? I don't really have that much confidence when it comes to guys and i can be a little insecure. I am finding it really hard to just leave it because its always on my mind, but I can't help but think it was like a really strange way of rejecting me. Also if i do message him what should I say? I would want to keep it light. Would love to hear some opinions :)

He Deleted me off Facebook, is that rejection?
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