Why do people call me cute all the time?

I am NOT cute! Cute is for kittens, small watermelons, ants diligetly carrying heavy objects, and other things that make you go "aww."

I on the other hand, am an adult. I hate being called cute. Like, if your not going to say I'm irresistably amazingly hot then don't bother with the compliments. No I'm kidding I love being complimented.

HOWEVER, being called cute is far from a compliment. It makes me feel like a baby. Like a tiny little insignificant baby who is being force fed a bottle of patronism from males who STILL think I am jail bait for some reason.

Like, I can vote. I pay rent. I have a job. I can manage to do things without poking my eye out as a baby would. And I even have a vagina that I'm willing to use and is freshly shaved and frequently covered by Victoria Secret thongs of varying sexual appealing on a daily basis. Still think I'm just cute? Didn't think so!

So why can't most of the men I know accept that I am not adorable!
Why do people call me cute all the time?
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