Why does my gay friend do this?

So, i have a close friend who is gay. He doesn't act girly like other gay boys you'd never assume that he's gay, he touches my boobs or ass whenever he gets the chance to, he sometimes touches me down there, i am also allowed to touch his penis through his clothes or directly but it doesn't affect him at all, not a boner or a sight of any erection. And also he has also been in some relationships with guys and has ever had sex with other guys, a lot of guys. No one knows about that he's gay, i just want to know why he does touch me so often? We also trade pictures, nudes and stuff. He is 100% gay, not a phase or something he's already 20 and been gay for years I've known him for a long time we're like best friends
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He's not attracted to girls at all, i know ALL of his stories and stuff, just believe me guys
Why does my gay friend do this?
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